A Return Experience with Cancer #5

A Sexual Libra
5 min readAug 22, 2021
A Return Experience with Cancer #5 — Astrology fractal of the Cancer symbol

As I’d had a cold sore at the time of our first meeting, I had to get at least one more visit so that I could have the pleasure of sucking his cock.

More than a month transpired between our first and second meeting. We’re friends, so we keep in loose and sporadic contact. When we could make another meet-up happen, I began taking my cold sore medication so I’d be assured the ability to have the experience I was desiring.

He invited me to his home and made me breakfast for dinner which was a fantastic treat! I came to him in a revealing bodysuit, a scarf tied around my waist, and in my black thigh- high, spike heeled boots. After dinner and getting his sweet babe to bed, we traveled to his.

Renee Open wearing her black, thigh-high, spiked heeled boots
Sitting on my porch in my boots, enjoying the afterglow of the fun night with Cancer #5

We kissed for the first time. It wasn’t bad, but his tongue movements were foreign to me and a little awkward. Though, never-mind, as he removed all but my boots and quickly and aggressively began fingering me! He was good at it and I nearly came from his well paced rhythm.

Seeing how much it pleased me, he got a little sadistic glint in his eye, laid himself down next to me, while also trapping my leg and arm under his body, and told me he wouldn’t stop until I begged him to.

“What if I beg you to fuck me?”

He stopped, looked me in my eyes and said,

“Well, then, you’d better start sucking my cock.”

A huge grin spread across my face as he rolled over and began to remove his clothes.

He’d waited for this blow job and I am very certain he was not disappointed.

I licked his cock sweetly before taking it into my mouth.

At first, I controlled the action as I bobbed my head up and down, getting him hard and taking more of him into me until he was in my throat. God’s name was mentioned a lot.

When he was good and hard he drew my hair up into his hands and took control of his pleasure. He forcefully bobbed my head on his cock, driving himself into my throat, sometimes making me gag. It was incredibly hot for us both.



A Sexual Libra

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