Assessing the Journey: My Most Favorite to Least Favorite Signs

A Sexual Libra
5 min readOct 20, 2021

Now that I’ve had a sexual experience with at least one man from each sign, I have some definite favorite signs and some signs I’m more disposed to avoid in the future. The list is pretty consistent with what multiple sources of zodiac compatibility predicted with a few exceptions, and even those exceptions make sense, given the nature of my connecting: namely, that I wasn’t looking for a mate.

If you’re new to my blog, I’m a Libra in a happy and open marriage. I set out early on with a sort of thought exercise about astrological compatibilities, having observed some patterns of truth to the things I was reading and experiencing. You can read more about me HERE, and why and how I journeyed HERE, and HERE.

Signs from favorite to least favorite, by element (Note: all linked posts have the friend link and can be accessed/read for free whether or not you’ve reached your monthly free account limit):

Fire Signs:

  1. Sagittarius — My favorite sign of them all, an easy and free-flowing match. You can read about my Sagittarius Experiences HERE and HERE
  2. Leo — Great connection and good sex, but a little domineering and aloof for my tastes. You can read about my Leo Experiences HERE and HERE
  3. Aries — Often too domineering, but…



A Sexual Libra

I’m happily, nonmonogamous/polyamorous. I’m, here, writing about my sexual journey through the Zodiac and open lifestyle. Thank you for reading and enjoy!