Astrology Autonomy: The Fixed Signs

A Sexual Libra
3 min readApr 6, 2022

The Astrological ‘Fixed’ signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Fixed signs are the ‘builders’ of their elements. They’re the ones who make creative visions a reality — they give hands and feet to ideas. Taurus is the builder of the earth signs, Leo is the builder of the fire signs, Scorpio is the builder of the water signs, and Aquarius is the builder of the air signs.

It’s not that they’re never visionaries. It’s that they are, at their cores, prone to want to build something substantial. They learn to build for themselves and what they focus on building comes from the energy of their element.

They, first, intuitively know how and feel the need to build because they readily envision what needs to be built for their own and other’s good. In early stages of life, they learn to build for themselves and the particular thing they learn to build is dictated by their element.

Taurus learns to build a strong work ethic.

Leo learns to build a strong sense of self.

Scorpio learns to build a strong sense of understanding through personal experience.

Aquarius learns to build a strong sense of wellness in community.

In maturity, you often find them building things that benefit others beyond themselves.

You’ll find a mature Taurus working to build the life that sustains and brings joy to them and their chosen people.

You’ll find a mature Leo working to build strength in what they’re apart of and in those around them.

You’ll find a mature Scorpio working to build others up by helping them to understand themselves and their experiences.

You’ll find a mature Aquarius working to build equitable and peaceful communities.

They want to be respected for their efforts. You’d be wise to respect a mature, Fixed sign’s work because they work hard to build good, strong things.

That they’ve learned to build creates an air of strength and confidence about what they’re doing and, from within them, creates a strong sense of independence and a need for autonomy over what they do. Everyone needs autonomy, but you will know quickly if you are stepping on the…



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