Boundaries: Update on Work

A Sexual Libra
12 min readMay 19

I’m out.

There are a number of things that contributed and a straw that broke the camel’s back. Whatever happens with the straw doesn’t matter. I’m glad it broke my back because the rest of what led up to the break was too big a burden to continue carrying out of love for the place. After the break, I realized just how much I need to close the chapter on my home-away-from-home.

I was deemed the trainer, so I trained the new girl.

I had first crack at her for two shifts with just me. I trained her according to how the owner wants us to function and according to the industry standard expectation of server ethics. And I told her how she’d see why I was the one to train her first when she worked with the others.

Bump ahead almost two weeks:
I went in for karaoke as a customer. I went into the kitchen. She was doing side work so, I thought she might be done for the night as, I trained her to know that the side work she was doing needed to wait until she was off the floor.

Knowing she was new to waitressing and a bit nervous about taking too many tables when she was training with me, I asked if she’d been able to take more since working with the others.

“Tonight’s my last night of training. I haven’t had any tables yet because it’s slow.”

“Are you coming off the floor now?”

“No” … and there was nothing new coming in after that conversation and before I left later on so all she got for waitressing ‘training’ that night was waiting on me.

I kept my poker face. But inside? I wanted to stab a bitch.

She worked with me on my shifts: The two slowest nights of the week which is why I’m the only server for the shifts, and she had tables because it’s our job to put the trainees in a position of having to get comfortable with taking tables while we’re there to support them as they need help. They’re getting paid minimum wage as a trainee (not the reduced, minimum server wage) and the training waitresses do not have to share the tips from those tables (though I always do) so, there should have been zero reason for keeping her from serving.

A Sexual Libra

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