Celebrating Three Years with the Boyfriend

A Sexual Libra
5 min readApr 28, 2022

A love story in song

I commissioned this art from my daughter. He and she have a great relationship and she was thrilled to be in on the surprise. I asked her to capture our love in the form of our pet-name caricatures, Goat and Fox

Today marks three years since we met. And, really it was ‘love at first sight’ so there is no other anniversary for us — our first meeting was the start of our love song.

Speaking of songs: The boyfriend feels that he isn’t good with words, so he often uses music to communicate his feelings for me — a habit I’ve picked up in return.

“Why reinvent the wheel? Someone else has already said it better than I could.”

We met with the intention of just being sexual partners, but when he opened his door for me, we were hit with an arrow from Cupid that was undeniable for us both. A powerful arrow that significantly altered our lives. Not the least of which was an intense lust for each other at the beginning.

We have a similar depth of passion that the other brings to its brink. There is nothing quite so sacred as meeting and loving someone whose demons can be released safely to play with your own. It isn’t just a compatible sexual energy or the knowledge of how to have rough, passionate sex. Sometimes it’s really dark. In every sense we can tear each other to pieces and still say the other is beautiful.

When we met, I was embracing and letting some of my demons run free and he didn’t know it, but he needed to do the same. And much of our relationship is characterized by learning, often painfully, what we didn’t know we needed through each other. This song is our dark side. Together we aren’t for the faint of heart, but that our hearts don’t faint to destruction is the beauty of us.

That passion has a soft side. An almost sad longing and yearning for the other that keeps us together. When we’ve pushed each other to our darkest edges — and I’m not…



A Sexual Libra

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