“Daylight” … and I Felt That.

A Sexual Libra
4 min readOct 24, 2023

10/24/23 October Writing Challenge

I really love this song.

“There’s darkness in the distance
From the way that I’ve been livin’”

It’s not distant. I’m in it now. And the depth and drudgery of this song's melody? It’s my inner world coloring my vision as I walk through my days.

I know it won’t always be, but I’m sinking into it because I know I need to go low before I rise again.

I can usually stay above when other people have thrown me down, but I can’t stay above right now, because I threw me down. This song communicates the beauty in being humbled. It doesn’t sound beautiful, it doesn’t feel beautiful, but being humbled results in beauty because, if we accept the humbling, we rise a better version of ourselves.

Have I wanted to run from the daylight? Yes.
Will I? No.
You want to bash Christianity? G’head, but not me.
Living it for 20+ years? I learned to be humbled and bring my sins to the light so that I can be washed clean and be better.

The boyfriend and I just watched through the Saw series to get to watching the newest one. I was thrilled at seeing the Saw puppet as Libra in this meme because the Saw movies are my favorite modern horror movie series (Nightmare on Elm Street being my ‘old school’ favorite).

I love the underpinned thought exploration of what we will do when we’re faced with painfully atoning for our sins or facing death for them. It’s profound. You can’t get out of it — are you going to do the unimaginable to save your own life?

People will say anything to get out of the game.

We watched over, and over, the process of the darkness catching up:
Pleading for mercy.
Deflecting ‘Fuck You’s — blaming the one who brought them to justice.
A desperate attempt at getting out of or away from the trap.



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