Human Design: Auras and Types

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12 min readNov 24, 2023
A Modern Guide to Human Design: How to Read Your Chart and Align With Your Life’s True Purpose by, Rachel Lieberman. Pg. 27 under chapter heading, ‘Chart Basics’

Yet another aspect of HD that has been on my mind lately: Understanding our auras. Now, aura is not a philosophy I’ve dabbled much in, primarily, because I’m not one who can ‘see’ them. I don’t see the color of your soul gently outlining the shape of your body when I meet you so, the purview of reading and understanding auras is something I’ve, previously, left to those who can.

However, your aura is a significant aspect of human design. It’s directly linked to your type. The way your aura, or your energy, radiates from you to others is different depending on whether you’re a Generator/Manifesting-generator, Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector.

Generators/Manifesting-generators and Manifestors have a similar type of aura, type of energetic presence — what some may call ‘vibe’ — it’s most intense, closest to the individual and radiates out from there. Manifestors with a more intense draw close to them, Generators with a further reach outward. Circular, your whole person radiates out to others.

That’s why generators are told to ‘wait to respond’. Because their energy radiates out from who they are and attracts people and opportunities. They don’t need to create opportunity; it comes to them when they are aligned with just being who they are.

Manifestors aren’t meant to attract but create opportunity so, it makes sense that their auras are stronger at self and don’t reach out as far from them. They’re supposed to ‘inform’ because when they’re ready to move into something, they move quickly and it’s important that they learn to tell the people around them about their movements. Not as a matter of asking permission, but as a matter of respect for their people who might otherwise feel disoriented by a Manifestor’s new direction.

Reflectors have no defined centers. They pick up the energetic definition of your defined centers and reflect that energy from themselves so, the picture above isn’t quite accurate as whatever definition you bring to an interaction with a reflector those centers are going to be the areas where their aura lights up and radiates out from them when they’re with you.

I’m a Projector.

My aura is focused out away from myself and penetrative toward others. My aura is more intense when I’m connecting with…



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