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8 min readAug 4

So, the deep dive continues! I got into channels and gates — yes, I now know the difference!
Channels are the lines that connect one center to another: On an individual chart, only between defined centers; in compatibility charts as a matter of two gates completing each other to form a channel, i.e. it can be a gate from one partner’s defined or undefined center meeting with a compatible gate from the other partner’s defined or undefined center. They form strong individual and/or couple ‘personality’ themes.
So, ‘gates’ are the partial lines *wink.

It is very interesting to get into HD compatibility and you can get into too through the ZenFemme free compatibility tool linked HERE.

Much like the individual charts, compatibility charts will show a relationship theme, definition, and the areas where, together there are channeled defined centers and undefined centers for your couple. It’s still important that you individually follow your own authority, and in doing so the couple’s strengths should emerge, but it’s helpful to be aware of where conflict will arise, especially when we’re following our own authorities.

Definitions: I know ‘couples’ can be Single, Split, and Triple Split Definition, because I’ve now run capability charts for each of my children with each adult (Me, husband, and boyfriend because he’s a regular factor in their experience too) and have seen all three of those definitions. Of course, not romantic or life partnering in nature, but so that we can see natural connecting and conflicting points in our relationships with them too.

I don’t know if there can be Quad Split relationships. I’m assuming there can be, but I also imagine that with one person having 8 of the 9 centers defined, connection with just about anyone but a Reflector would often result in 9 centers defined as a couple and/or gates forming channels that would drop the individual’s definition in the couple down one, two, or three splits? And the only way a couple could have no definition is if two Reflectors were in a relationship and I don’t know if that’s a thing or not.

I haven’t yet been able to find any clarifying information on the definitions and their impact on the relationship, but being Split Definition as an individual and that both…

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