Human Design: Exercising Your Team(s)

A Sexual Libra
7 min readJul 31

Sorry Reflectors, this one won’t be as helpful for you, but everyone else? Consider this: Rather than focusing on your undefined centers, and ‘not self’ healing, focus on your authority/strategy and strengthening your defined center voice(s).

When diving into defined/undefined centers in reviewing my people and their charts, a lot of things started to make a lot of sense and connections in my brain were sparking all over the place.

My middle son has only two undefined centers: His spleen and (G) identity centers. Spleen (my authority), the center of basic (natural) fears, well-being, immune system, intuition, instincts, survival. He isn’t defined there. He doesn’t have consistent access to those energies for himself, and he is tightly gripped by contamination OCD. Mind blown.

For those who don’t know: There are different types of OCD. My son doesn’t count and order things precisely. But he takes multiple hour-long showers a day and has a number of things (including people) he can’t touch because they’re ‘contaminated’. In his mind, they’ll harm him or make him sick/unwell.

He has three teams of true self voices, and to be clear, both he and my daughter are strong presences. Where they are so defined, you feel them and know you aren’t going to impact them.

As I looked over all our charts, a thought started to rise, the fewer undefined centers you have, the stronger the ‘not self’ voice is in them. Why? Because there’s nowhere else for it to go or for it to speak through. The opposite of the older two, my youngest only has two defined centers and his presence, unless it’s connected to his only team — identity and throat — is not strong. He’s easy going and easy to be around and while he exhibits not-self themes in multiple ways, they aren't strong and it’s easier to help him set them aside.

As I looked back over my adult life through this lens, at nearly 47, I can see how, for well over a decade, but without knowing I was doing it — at least from this perspective — I’ve been exercising my defined teams like I’m training for the Olympics and given that I’m a 4/6 projector, I needed to.

However, the first team that got strengthened, wasn’t my authority team and wasn’t from focusing on trying out my…

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