Human Design: Open Identity (G) Centers

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9 min readFeb 19, 2024

True Detective

Recently the boyfriend got me watching True Detective in anticipation of Season 4’s recent release. First three seasons down, good show, good show. Who doesn’t love the soulfulness of Matthew McConaughey and … those dimples?

Infidelity was a major personal, character theme for Woody Harrelson’s, Marty. In Episode 6 of Season 1, Marty’s X-wife, Maggie, draws a comparison between Rust (McConaughey) and her, then, X-husband.

“Rust knew exactly who he was and there was no talking him out of it.
Marty’s single big problem was that he never really knew himself so, he never really knew what to want …”

That quote captures the essence of having a defined vs open (G) Center. Maggie (Michelle Monaghan) was personally hurt by a particular presentation of Marty’s lack of definition i.e., infidelity, so it was described as a ‘problem’ vs the morally neutral description of Rust’s nature — that he just was that way.

And, I felt that, but I’m also trying to look at it through the lens of Human Design. Being ‘designed’ a certain way isn’t problematic so, what is?

No secret and, if you’ve followed me long enough, you know what’s coming next: I have a defined Identity Center and the boyfriend’s center is undefined. So too, by the way, is my husband’s (G) Center, as well as my eldest and middle child’s (more on theirs soon).

(G) Center: The seat of your sense of identity, love, and direction.
I am Rust — I know who I am and there’s no talking me out of it. My sense of self, love, and direction are all defined. I am who I am. I love how I love; I feel love how I feel it; I know what direction I need to go, and I know what directions I don’t need to go.

In HD, those with definition in a center, find that definition on their own. They find, through life experience and thoughtful self-examination, what is the pattern of their fixed sense of, as is the case in the (G) Center, identity, love, and direction. Those without definition, find it through experience with other people. What they experience with and/or through someone else helps them know what they are and aren’t, what is the right love and direction for them.



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