Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol

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8 min readNov 25, 2023

Performed by, Paul Haley in the Theater at Monmouth, Maine

The Theater

If you’re local to Monmouth (Lewiston/Auburn to August areas) and haven’t ever visited the Theater at Monmouth: For shame. It’s a gem of beauty and culture parked in the middle of an otherwise unassuming little town in Maine. You’re on a drive through the woods, sporadic homes nestled in the trees, and suddenly the curvy road you’re on comes to its end before this:

The Theater is known for its devotion to Shakespearian plays. While its season includes a Christmas play and often an ‘off’ Shakespearian play or two, the bulk of what the theater produces will tickle the fancy of those who long for the Master Playwright’s genius.

Inside, and out, it is just a delight to one’s sense of sight. As you sit in the theater you can’t help but feel the history and there’s no shortage of detail to admire as you wait for the production to start.

I went to opening night, something I rarely do.
I’m one of two children. My mother takes turns spending Christmas with my family one year and with my sister’s the next. For several years now, my traditional Christmas gift to my mom, on years she’ll spend Christmas with my sister’s family, is to take her to the Theater’s last dress rehearsal before opening night, held on Thanksgiving evening and offered to the public at a discounted price. It’s a lovely way to wrap up the holiday’s festivities.

But this year has been … wonky. There was a last-minute request for a different course of action and as I’ve had a heavier load than normal this holiday, I went with the flow. However, last night I had time for myself and, while I looked into several options, I kept coming back to the original plan. I wanted to see the play so, I bought a ticket online for a balcony seat (pinkies out) and got myself dressed for the occasion.

The Actor

Mr. Paul Haley, ‘Jacob Marley and Others’



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