Little Miss Crazy

A Sexual Libra
4 min readJun 6, 2023

Sunday night I lost my shit, rather publicly.

I really hate having that side of me be seen by anyone, let alone ‘everyone’.

I kind of feel like crawling in a hole.

After losing my shit, a friend reached out. He knew I needed to say the things to someone who could hear them, hold space for me, and reassure me that I’m not crazy. It was a very helpful meeting that brought me down to code yellow from code red, teetering on the edge of code black.

There are a lot of things I’m not talking about. I’m just bearing them. I’m just taking it because I can’t do anything about them. I’m bearing these things knowing that I’m misunderstood, misjudged, misrepresented.
I’m Little Miss Has-had-enough.

I’ve ‘talked’ about some of them here to a certain extent, but they’re still going on around me and I can’t talk about them in a way that brings any affectual resolution to the actual circumstances.

I feel like I’m constantly standing in the middle of multiple shit storms, and I just have to stand in them. And, while standing, I’m trying to figure out how to stand in a way that accepts, understands, and responds…



A Sexual Libra

I’m happily, nonmonogamous/polyamorous. I’m, here, writing about my sexual journey through the Zodiac and open lifestyle. Thank you for reading and enjoy!