Mercury Retrograde in Virgo — Woof.

A Sexual Libra
5 min readAug 28

The last time I visited my friend, who introduced me to Human Design, she said an interesting thing that has stuck with me.

“I don’t feel the shorter transits as sensitively as I feel the longer ones.”

Meaning she’s sensitive to being aware of the longer term, outer planet transits and their more forest view life lessons than she is of the shorter term, closer planets, their quicker movements, and tree view lessons.

And I felt that as that was my experience with my husband before we opened up. I was pretty unaware of the ups and downs, highs and lows of the inner transits and more readily aware of the longer-term life transitions.

However, since meeting the boyfriend I’ve been crazy aware of the short term, inner planet transits. We listen to a weekly overview podcast when it comes out on Monday and again on Sunday for review and it’s almost always exactly what we experience.

I’ve given this some thought. My husband is very steady — ‘Stable’, as it were, has a defined emotional center, and has to resist my Channel of Judgment. Both the boyfriend and have undefined emotional centers and share the companionship Channel of Judgement, which is described as ‘A Design of Instability’. Neither of us is ‘stable’.

Now, that’s not to say we’re ‘mental’. The Channel of Judgement is a Design of Instability because we’re always striving to correct what doesn’t work, what isn’t right for us, to get to enjoying a more authentic life experience. Always. One thing gets tackled, the next thing is on its heels. We do that in our own lives and in our couple’s experience. We’re in constant change.

A peaceful life partnership with my husband is because he’s stable and so, the ebb and flows of the short-term transits don’t affect him as much so, they don’t affect us as much and that he resists my Channel of Judgment our couple isn’t led by it.

That the boyfriend and I have only two channels each, the one we share in common, the other two we both resist in each other, our couple is led by that channel. And, consequently, I feel the ebb and flows so much more with him.

Mercury went into retrograde in one of the signs it rules, Virgo, in Virgo season this past Wednesday (which is the…

A Sexual Libra

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