Pride Month 2022: Part 1 Why March?

A Sexual Libra
4 min readJun 1, 2022

I’ve never been a big one for participating in pride month.

First, because when I was following my faith, I was critical of the theories and redefinition of our social, cultural norms.

While I’ve obviously taken a different path and am now intellectually and practically exploring my own nonconformity, I don’t see myself joining a parade anytime soon.

And it’s not shame or being closeted that would keep me from letting my freak flag fly. It’s not confusion or conflict either.

It’s that the whole thing just makes me roll my eyes.

I know, at first, pride months and flags were important as a matter of breaking free from the illegality of nonconformity and saying, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re proud, and we’re not going to be illegal anymore.” I, also, understand that some still feel it’s important, and I understand the arguments as to why.

I just don’t share the feeling.

Because I’m me and, as I’ve written before, my whole life experience has been strength training in doing ‘me’ unapologetically.

If I were to have a sense of connectivity to the responsibilities of a community (as I’ve also written before, I generally don’t), my contribution would be:

“Hey, guys! I’ve spent my life learning to be strong enough to follow the beat of my own drum! I’ve learned to not let anything, or anyone stop me from knowing what I want to know, experiencing what I want to experience, and living the way I want to live. And, trust me, when you have that kind of strength and confidence, you just do you and give other people the same right regardless of whether or not they return that respect.”

What I don’t like about Pride Month is that what started as a breaking free, demand to have the right to live our best lives without legal retribution has turned into a weak whine for validation. Stop needing other people’s approval. You’re not illegal. We as human beings are fundamentally, inalienably free to live the way we want — so hop to it!

If your march this month is about being out and open? Good on ya’, you have my support in using your right to free speech. But so too does our opposition. Because that’s a human right, not a minority…



A Sexual Libra

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