The Aries Experience

A Sexual Libra
4 min readAug 19, 2021
The Aries Experience — Astrological fractal of the Aries Symbol

Oh, Aries. Beautiful Aries.

Aries love to push boundaries. Whatever boundaries you have, they’ll push them.

The problem with Aries and Libra is, when Libra knows their limits we, on principle, really don’t like to have them pushed.

While I only had one sexual experience with an Aries, I talked with several. Again and, again, the theme of pushing boundaries came up in their speech as I simply let them talk.

My Aries was one of just a few chance meetings at a bar.

I had a date planned for the night when I met the Aries. The date was canceled last minute and, on my way home, I decided to stop at a local bar for a drink. As I walked in, appearance-wise, ready for the canceled date, a man in the parking lot approvingly looked me over.

I was aware of his attention, but I didn’t let on that I was.

When I got to the bar I chose a seat next to an empty seat that had a drink on the bar counter before it. I was fairly sure the drink belonged to my admirer. I wasn’t wrong.

When the man re-entered the bar after his cigarette, we were both pleasantly satisfied to know our proximity was close. We struck up a conversation.

The man, in a suit and tie, was fresh off a funeral. His Uncle had passed and his mother had asked him to represent the family in the eulogy offerings. We talked about his experience from the day — it was sympathetically endearing to me. As we conversed, we trailed off into themes of Christianity and Astrology, both subjects about which I can speak intelligently.

I texted my husband to let him know that I’d be home late because I’d found my Aries.

We free flowingly talked the night away. There is no quicker way into my pants than to carry on an intellectually stimulating conversation. When it was time to part ways, we agreed that we didn’t want to.

He had a girlfriend who had recently moved halfway across the country, and he’d soon be joining her. The bartender made efforts to confront him with not making a destructive decision for the night, seeing the active sexual energy between us and, I got the impression, that I wasn’t the first time she’d had to but because, at that time, I was in the frame of mind…



A Sexual Libra

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