The Cancer Experience: Part 5

A Sexual Libra
5 min readAug 22, 2021
The Cancer Experience Part 5 — Astrology fractal of the Cancer symbol

You could say that I’m a glutton for punishment or you could view me as someone who is willing to keep at something until I overcome the challenges. This time I’ll go with the latter, as that has been the outcome even though the former is probably closer to the motivational truth.

Five Cancer experiences in and I think I may finally be conquering the hurtle of a Libra/Cancer connection. It helps that the typical Cancer traits fit very well into my current situation and mood for having “others” at this point.

This connection has been a friend for about 4 years. We met as co hosts on the podcast in which I formally participated. He was there when I started my journey into openness. The regular participants of the podcast were my friend group at that time and were the people with whom I shared the ups and downs of my budding journey.

At that time, I think, it was kind of a kooky thing to him. He was probably the least interested in my ramblings. But, life moves forward for everyone and as my blog went public, he and I began intellectually discussing the concepts of openness. Over the past couple of months our friendship has taken on more depth over that discussion and over other areas where we’ve come to each other for advice.

He’s been very respectful of my relationship with my husband and the partner. He has also been level headed about what we can share and what the things is so, we decided to engage sexually.

This year, he wanted to celebrate his birthday with me. He’d reserved a motel room, a little cabin styled one near Maine’s Old Orchard Beach. I was thrilled as I’d always wanted to stay in one, but never had the opportunity before that night. The plan was to go bar hopping around the Old Port and come back to his room ready to share a new experience in our friendship. However, he’s a single dad with a super sweet little guy who needs some specific kinds of care. When his babysitter was unable to keep her commitment, it seemed as though not only our night, but his birthday might be a wash.

Nay. Nay. I’ve had three children. I’m pretty comfortable with kids. Not being able to get out of the motel reservation, I suggested he bring his sweet toddler along. We’d hang in the room, get dinner, some beer, and salvage the evening.



A Sexual Libra

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