The Course of Love

A Sexual Libra
11 min readNov 22, 2023

A tale from the middle ground between the Death of Passion and The Birth of Love

First, and again, I recommend reading, The Course of Love, by Alain de Botton.

I didn’t experience that ‘course’ with my husband because our story wasn’t a passionate romance. It wasn’t passionate at the beginning or anywhere along the way. He was my best guy friend for five years before I was able to look at him and recognize that he was who I wanted to do life with. We’re that adorable Romcom type of story — like Dawson’s Creek just … without the drama. Boy and girl are friends and, at some point, the one who didn’t see the other as a romantic partner, recognizes that she loves him.

My story with the boyfriend is and has been on The Course of Love.

The opposite of my experience with my husband, we weren’t friends first. It was all passion and romance in its truest sense: That romance is tragic in nature — fueled by the real doubts over the future and whether or not the shared passion between you can overcome the realities.

Our passion for each other has overcome a lot — and I mean A LOT. Drama, or challenge, has been our story every step of the way.

We’re currently in that awkward middle ground between passion and love. As passion has waned, the…



A Sexual Libra

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