The Five Senses of Sex: Taste

A Sexual Libra
2 min readOct 22, 2021

In my journeying, there have been a few men who stand out as singularly delighting one of my senses with who they are.

When I started my journey, I couldn’t tolerate cum in my mouth, but I don’t like limitations, particularly my own. Variations in different men’s volume, consistency, and taste can still be problematic for me, but I’m making headway.

I have a bad experience from my teen years to thank for the struggle.

Note to younger men: Evidently, I’m not alone. In discussion with others, I found a trend in women who, pathologically, don’t like cum in their mouths. Reports of having had a bad experience in their teen years abound. So, if you think it’s cool to shoot your load without warning, while your girlfriend is in her impressionable years, do your future self a favor and give her a heads up.

In overcoming the limit, I’ve experienced my fair share of yummy cum over the last three years. I love the boyfriend’s and am looking forward to when I next get a chance to drink him down again.

And, special note: Until recently, I had been the only woman my husband had ever been with sexually. After having the pleasure of tasting another woman, he and I talked about his experience. We discovered that neither of us liked the other’s taste in sex and that truth had contributed to our limited oral experience with each other (He never came in my mouth and rarely enjoyed going down on me). I am thrilled that we, now, both have had pleasure in this sense that we’d previously not been able to give each other.

But, it was a vegan who healed my inability to take cum into my mouth.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Vegans are annoying as hell to be around, but if you can make it past their superiority complexes, the resulting verbal diarrhea, and their weird-ass dietary restrictions, I highly recommend the effort.

His cum was so sweet and so smoothly textured. I could live off that shit. In fact, when I first got a taste of it, I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed his cum that I got a little overenthusiastic and forgot about the sensitivity a penis feels just after orgasm. I was a bit like a shark in bloody water and the poor guy had to stop the attack.

Unlike the next two posts in this series, I only had one experience with this man, but should I have another opportunity to kiss the head of a vegan, I’ll gladly take it. It was a healing and restorative taste I’d very much like to experience again.



A Sexual Libra

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