The Leo Experience: Part 1

A Sexual Libra
3 min readAug 31, 2021
The Leo Experience Part One — Astrology fractal of the Leo symbol

Leo and Sagittarius, said to be two of Libra’s best matches, took the longest for me to attract. It was interesting to observe that, from late February through mid-summer 2019, I attracted signs in waves. I first attracted, almost exclusively, Cancers and Virgos — two of my hardest signs and, from there, went onto attracting waves of other signs, usually, predominantly, two at a time. I’m not sure why but, as I said, it was interesting to observe. My process went from weeding out lots of profile respondents, to engaging a multitude and variety of chat interactions, to fewer public dates, to just a few sexual experiences.

I learned a lot at each stage but few, of many, made it to the inner depths of my orifices. Because, while having had sexual experiences enough to get me through the Zodiac in a relatively short period of time makes me appear a simple, undiscerning slut, I’m not. Rather, I’m intuitively choosey in my sluttery, I just cast a wide net.

The more significant Leo to make it, successfully, past my borders was a lovely black man who was adorably charming in his tenacious desire for an experience with me, a common Leo trait. We met each other in an on-line exhibitionist group, another kink interest of mine. Through shared photos in the group, the Leo was particularly intrigued by the mole I have on the outer lips of my vagina. And, he relentlessly pursued the opportunity until he got it, something, which, a Libra finds endearing. I made him wait a couple of months. Not because I was playing around with him, but because I wasn’t certain he was my style, but he eventually won me over.

Leo and Libra work well together. We usually “get” each other, particularly, in sharing a mutual need to not be encumbered in our goals by emotionalism. Due to our good focus on tasks and our willingness to work hard, Libra and Leos can get a lot accomplished without a lot of emotional tension between them. Leo is the fire sign’s Fixed Aspect, making them the compatible, happily willing builders of the Cardinal Libra’s great ideas.

That was the tone of my sexual experience with this Leo: without an emotional connection, we just worked well together in bed. I came with the great idea to live “stream” our sex in another group and he happily made it happen. While almost no emotion-based passion existed between us, the ease, that naturally did exist, allowed for a pleasant and pleasurable morning of mid-summer sex.

Due to the fact that there wasn’t excellent chemistry between us and the fact that he was cheating, which limited his availability not only in time but, because he lived in a crowded neighborhood in a city and was cautious about the appearance of repeat visitors, we never saw each other again, though we kept in contact for a time.



A Sexual Libra

I’m happily, nonmonogamous/polyamorous. I’m, here, writing about my sexual journey through the Zodiac and open lifestyle. Thank you for reading and enjoy!