The Lewiston, Maine Shooting

A Sexual Libra
6 min readOct 26, 2023

I’m, obviously, OK, but it was a crazy way to be on my own at work for the first time.

Lewiston/Auburn, Maine. Lewiston to the right, Auburn to the left.

I started my new job this past Monday night — I’m delivering Pizza in Lewiston, Maine.

I left Monday night feeling like shadowing was leaving me short on mastering the technology piece.

I went in on Tuesday and asked if they’d let me drive and press all the buttons — just bring the training driver with me for support. My GM said that she never trained like that before, but if the training drivers were OK with it that would be fine by her. They were OK with it.

That was good because I ‘got it’ enough to feel like I could fly solo last night. And I was really solo last night — the other driver called out sick and the crew on was comprised of people I hadn’t yet met, save one.

Because it was my first-time flying solo, and with a different crew, I asked to be stationed at the drive-up window so that I would be near the dispatch computer.

About 15 minutes before I went on, what would be, my last run for the night, I made mental note of the volume of emergency vehicles I’d seen wiz by with sirens ringing. It seemed higher than normal, and I briefly wondered what was going on.



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