The Ones Yelling the Loudest are Usually the Ones Who Most Need to Listen to What They’re Advocating

A Sexual Libra
10 min readJan 12

I’ve vacillated about writing this observation as it’s rather political in nature, but it has relevance to what I typically write about here and it’s what’s on my mind today so, here goes nuthin’.

As a young adult, I was a Democrat. Through my adult, Christian years, I was a Republican. Then 911 happened. In my circles, I found myself being the only conscientious voice of objection to us invading Iraq on the premise that there may be ‘weapons of mass destruction’. Looking back that marked my turn toward libertarianism. However, it wasn’t until Common Core started reaching my conscious awareness in my early homeschooling days, that I began my exodus from the red and blue in earnest.

After doing an extensive deep dive into understanding where this educational shift was coming from, I unearthed a rather profound understanding of an agenda for an almost George Orwell’s 1984 level ‘utopian’ view of uniformity and, at its roots, global communism. One that had been and still is being built by both the Democrats and Republicans.

My eyes were open, and I stepped out of participating in the ridiculous division of hate that exists between the two political parties at the common people level. I don’t participate in voting or the animosity toward one side from the other because its nonsensical. We’re divided. Those ruling us aren’t and they play off our division. I don’t have the space in this article to point out all the examples of how, but I see it and I’m all set with that.

I used to say, “I’m a libertarian. There are points of agreement that ought to have me pleasing both sides but, mostly, I just piss everyone off.” Because both sides are political ideologues. I’m not right or left, but there is a current, notable, commonality of interest between libertarians and Republicans that has our circles overlapping more often than we do with Democrats.

Libertarians are ‘socially liberal, fiscally conservative’, but when you understand the principles on which libertarians view the world (particularly us libertarian anarchists), social issues take a backseat to the fiscal when there’s a global agenda toward communism which is completely antithetical to individually…

A Sexual Libra

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