The Scorpio Experience: Part 2

A Sexual Libra
5 min readSep 7, 2021

This was a rather sexually insignificant experience in my journey, but as I was about my business this morning it came to mind and, while I thought about it, I felt it was such a dear memory to me that I decided to share it.

I have highly valued the freedom to be me and to embrace my love of spontaneity which my husband has afforded me as he trusted me to know what was safe and sound, and what wasn’t. Without that liberty and trust, I would have missed this lovely experience.

One of the men I chatted with for a time was a cross-dresser.

We met in the KIK porn sharing group I helped admin — a group started by another cross-dresser. He and I struck up a good and chatty connection. He was willing to be open and vulnerable with me, which is often not my experience with Scorpios. However, when they are able to be vulnerable — knowing how often they aren’t willing, in general — it’s incredibly endearing to me.

After chatting for some time, at one point, he and I were both up late in the night and he told me that he, a single father, was without his children and dressed-up in his female centric attire. He invited me to come over and meet him in his preferred, sexual presentation. Believing him to be a safe connection and, because he was local, I agreed to come to him for a no-pressure, friendly meet.

Around three in the morning, I knocked on his door. He welcomed me into his home. He had set up a rather romantic lounge, candles and all, in his living room. It wasn’t for me. It was for himself. He had spent the child-free night in his wig, wearing women’s lingerie and high heels, watching porn, and enjoying his fantasies with his sexual toys which he’d set up around his lounge.

He invited me to sit on his couch with him. The Scorpio allowed the porn to run in the background. However, it wasn’t his focal point. He, for the most part, turned his attention to conversation with me. He began to unburden himself and I was willing to let him.

The Scorpio told me his burden of having his sexual proclivities (and, unlike the statistical norm of cross-dressers being heterosexual, he preferred to be a submissive, “slut” to sexually aggressive men), while, also, having a sincere desire to ensure that his children had a “normal”, drama-free…



A Sexual Libra

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