The Taurus Experience: Part 1

A Sexual Libra
5 min readAug 19, 2021
The Taurus Experience Part 1 — Astrology Fractal of the Taurus symbol

I had two Taurus's: The younger, a peer, and the elder, the oldest man from my journey, a man in his 60’s. I adore Taurus men. They’re delightfully passionate.

The more significant of the two, the younger, was a man meeting his need for sex outside the confines of his passionless marriage. The moment that stands out to me was the first time (of many) when he confided that he didn’t want to look for passion outside of his marriage, that he’d rather be doing, what he did with me, with his wife but, her utter lack of interest in sex with him, and the need to beg for her attention, was demoralizing to him. It wounded him. And, eventually, he stopped begging and looked to meet his needs with someone else.

Now, I’m well aware that I was hearing only his side of the story, that there is likely more to it than that, but that wasn’t for me to judge or unravel. I concerned myself only with hearing him. And, no matter what the whole story is, his truth was that he wanted his wife, but he had enough pride to accept her rejection and meet his own needs. I was compassionate toward him.

We talked often, enjoying each other’s intellectual pursuit of sexuality. I enjoyed hearing about his personal experiments on himself, observing the effects of abstaining from viewing porn and masturbation to see how it impacted his drive, stamina, and virulence. He enjoyed hearing about my sexual journey and the things that were impacting my thoughts. He was a good friend for a time and I think of him fondly.

I usually have that experience with Taurus's. Part of the reason astrology has held my interest is in the realization I had when looking back over my life: Without intent, all of my best friends have been late Taurus's/early Geminis.

Conversations of love, lust, and passion are always free flowing between the two signs ruled by Venus, the planet of love. However, while Libra merely enjoys the exchange of ideas, Taurus needs to know that the ideas have feet, that they’re workable. At a certain point Taurus will leave off the conversation and go on their own to explore the validity of the ideas. I often experienced this dynamic in discussion with the younger Taurus.

We chatted through text and video for several weeks before we were able to meet, but that opportunity did…



A Sexual Libra

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