The Uncertainty Principle: You Can Not Predict the Position AND the Momentum of a Couple

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The Quantum Mechanics of the Heart

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One consequence of the basic quantum formalism is the uncertainty principle. In its most familiar form, this states that no preparation of a quantum particle can imply simultaneously precise predictions both for a measurement of its position and for a measurement of its momentum.[19][20]
~Wikipedia on Quantum Mechanics

Have you ever looked at a couple and thought, “Why the hell do they stay together??!!” Or, can you admit, in your hubris, that you’ve entertained the thought that you’d be better for one of the two than the partner they’re with?

As I look over my life, I can remember words that were said at, what I can describe now as ‘the right moment’, by influential people in my life. That the words were memorably impactful because they were said at a moment, out of my control, when I was receptive to and able to internalize them.

My mom once made a point to say, while we talked over one such couple, who on a macro, outside-observer level, caused me to wonder what kept them in close proximity to each other:

“You shouldn’t interfere between a man and a woman fighting. Unless she wants help getting away from him, you’ll be surprised when she turns on you.”

Despite my tender age at the time, I understood. I’m sure there were other, more explanatory words, even life-experience examples, but the overall lesson stuck.

And, contrary to popular belief that we should intervene, that is a generally true principle for any, not only relationship, but choice a person makes for themselves. No matter how unhealthy the relationship or choice is, until someone wants to make a different choice, your intervention is a waste of your time and energy as it won’t amount to anything you’re aiming to accomplish.

‘Co-dependent’, ‘Trauma bond’, and so on. Sure, those are real things. But, unless that couple wants independence and/or to be unbound, steer clear.

Can the same outcome be predicted through classical physics observation and the…



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